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Try Our Current OpenShift Origin M4

On your network

Want to deploy OpenShift Origin into your network? install.openshift.com is your one-stop, one-command deployment utility. Give it a try!

On your laptop

Want to hit the ground running with a pre-built, all-in-one OpenShift system? Download an image suitable for running on a VM. The image will work on KVM VirtualBox, or VMWare. You can read more about the Origin VM in the VM Deployment Guide.

You can also build your own machine using Puppet or follow the comprehensive guide and deploy OpenShift Origin manually


You can try out OpenShift for free with OpenShift Online. Just sign up for an OpenShift Online account and create your first application in minutes.

See whats coming in OpenShift 3

With each milestone of Origin comes a new version of OpenShift. And now that the Origin M5 source code repo for OpenShift 3 is available, we're progressing towards a whole new architecture entirely re-engineered from the ground up. This new architecture integrates Docker and the Kubernetes container orchestration and management system, available on an Atomic host optimized for running containerized applications. On top of all that, OpenShift will incorporate effective and efficient DevOps workflows that play a critical role in platform-as-a-service to accelerate application delivery.

Krish Sumaranian, Director of OpenShift Strategy, and Clayton Coleman, engineering lead for OpenShift talk about what’s up and coming OpenShift 3.

Standarization through Containerization

"Standards are powerful forces in the software industry. They can drive technology forward by bringing together the combined efforts of multiple developers, different communities, and even competing vendors."

Docker logo

Docker container runtime and image model

Standarized portable containers for any app, any language, using any toolchain.

Learn more
Kubernetes logo

Container Orchestration at Scale with Kubernetes.

Providing basic mechanisms for deployment, maintenance, and scaling of applications

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Project Atomic logo

A lean and mean OS built specifically for containers

Harnesses the power of upstream packages plus the ability to perform atomic upgrades and rollbacks

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Open Source Contributions

OpenShift is about upstream collaboration as much as it's about platform as a service. Just take a look at how much we're contirbuting to both our own projects as well as others.

Open Source Project Red Hat Commits last 30 days Red Hat Pull Requests last 30 days Issues involved in last 30 days
Origin 176 93 19
Docker 49 18 1
Kubernetes 103 47 106

As of 11-18-2014

Contribute to OpenShift Origin

We know you've got great ideas for improving OpenShift Origin. So roll up your sleeves and come join us in the community.

Extend OpenShift

You can add new runtimes and frameworks to OpenShift with community cartridges and quickstarts.

The Origin M5/OpenShift 3 architecture builds upon the flexibility and scalability of Docker and Kubernetes to deliver a powerful new Platform as a Service system.

All contributions are welcome - OpenShift uses the Apache 2 license and does not require any contributor agreement to submit patches. Please open issues for any bugs or problems you encounter, ask questions on the OpenShift IRC channel (#openshift-dev on freenode), or get involved in the Kubernetes project at the container runtime layer.

Take a look at the Trello Board

The OpenShift project roadmap lives on Trello. Here is a sampling of topics for those who want to get involved with OpenShift 3:

Hack on the source code

File a bug

Found a bug? Let us know! OpenShift uses a public Bugzilla instance.

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